Lanstead is a global investment firm that provides funding for ongoing business objectives to listed small and mid-cap growth companies. In Sydney, we focus on equity investments in companies already listed on the ASX or European exchanges and on management teams with a clear growth strategy. Our extensive experience allows us to invest in most industries, focusing on providing supportive, longer term capital that rewards company growth. Companies with Lanstead on the shareholder register via an equity placement to Lanstead with an accompanying sharing agreement can benefit from a unique and flexible approach to finance growth. This provides the opportunity for companies to benefit from additional cash beyond the original placing proceeds without having to issue additional shares.

Lanstead’s unique and flexible approach to finance growth

Lanstead Valued Partner

We focus on providing supportive, longer term capital that rewards growth. We invest to make a difference, to become a valued partner and to be a shareholder of choice.

Lanstead Experience

We have an experienced team with excellent track records. Our team comes from a wide range of backgrounds including global investments, fund management and corporate broking.

Lanstead Investments

We invest in listed businesses both in the Australia & United Kingdom and look for companies who are poised to deliver. We have targeted A$200 million to invest globally.