About Lanstead

Lanstead - The Finance That Rewards Growth

Since 2007, Lanstead has completed over 15 unique equity placings in Australia and over 40 placings globally utilizing our sharing agreement to reward growth. Many of the companies with Lanstead on the shareholder register have benefited substantially from the accompanying sharing agreement, receiving more cash than the original placing proceeds without having to issue any additional shares. We have a strong team with a proven track record that comes from a wide range of backgrounds including global investments, fund management and corporate broking.

Longer Term Investor

Our shareholdings are typically medium to longer term.

Performance Based

As a company’s share price increases, more cash is delivered at no additional cost. It can become a very cheap source of capital for companies that grow their share price.

Track Record of Success

Many companies in which Lanstead has invested have realized average growth of 30% or more since 2007. This means that many companies have received more cash in addition to the initial Lanstead investment, without issuing any additional shares.

Australia (Sydney Office)
United Kingdom (London Office)