Core Values

Lanstead’s core values drive who we are and how we invest. We are committed and focused on developing long-term relationships with select listed public companies and their brokers & advisers.

Lanstead Support


We aim to provide companies in which we invest the support and capital they need to grow their business. Our partnership approach as a shareholder has allowed many of the companies to outperform their peers in the market. As a result of the support we provide, both companies and market participants often view Lanstead as a longer-term sticky shareholder.

Lanstead Integrity


By conducting our business ethically and honestly, we have built a strong reputation in the market. Due to the size of our investments our positions are typically disclosed to the market. This ensures that we are open and transparent in the way we conduct our business.

Llanstead Performance


In order to incentivize companies to grow value, we share part of the upside in share price performance. This is designed to create an alignment of interest with the company and all shareholders. This performance incentive has significantly rewarded many companies with Lanstead as a shareholder by delivering additional cash without issuing additional shares. This is why a Lanstead investment can be the cheapest and least dilutive source of capital for growth companies.